In her role, Laura Shaheen provides faculty administrative support, seminar coordination for the Colloids, Polymers and Surfaces (CPS) and Process Systems Engineering (PSE) groups, and office administration for the Center for Advanced Process Decision-making (CAPD). She provides communication support for industrial sponsors and acts as a liaison between Process Systems Engineering (PSE) faculty and the CAPD stakeholders. She organizes and oversees several CAPD events to include the CAPD Annual Review meeting, 9-day CAPD Short Course, Enterprise-wide Optimization project, and PSE seminars.

Contact Laura Shaheen for:

  • Inquiries pertaining to the CAPD, EWO, and Short Course
  • Questions regarding the PSE and CPS seminars
  • CAPD Newsletters
  • Information and details pertaining to the CAPD Annual Review meeting
  • Faculty Recruiting, Interfolio system, and candidate communications
  • Faculty administrative support
1105 Doherty Hall