Diversity, equity, and inclusion

As a department, we believe that a diverse and inclusive community is healthy and desirable. Members of these communities are individuals who matter in their own right, who experience a strong sense of belonging, and are able to achieve their full potential within the community. As a community, we support the IDEAL of AICHE and recognize the critical role of life-long learning in meeting our mission.

Mission statement

Our mission is to develop and sustain the Department of Chemical Engineering as a community that welcomes and embraces the intersections of racial, ethnic, sexual, gender, socio-economic, ability, religious, and other forms of diversity of its members, both past and present.

This mission cannot be achieved in the absence of equity among our community members. Our department will work to identify equity gaps within the community and to help the community eliminate those gaps.

Chemical Engineering DEI Committee

Past Committee Members

Have questions, or want to connect with our DEI Committee? Please email us at cheme-dei@andrew.cmu.edu