MS and MChE core curriculum 

The core curriculum for both degrees is made up of four courses and accounts for 48 units of the degree. The core courses are offered each year with focus on technical depth and software aptitude:
  • 06-623   Mathematical Modeling of Chemical Engineering Processes
  • 06-625   Chemical & Reactive Systems
  • 06-663   Analysis & Modeling of Transport Phenomena
  • 06-665   Process Systems Modeling

Sudents choose elective courses to fit their interests and career goals. Sampling the diverse course offerings at a world class research institution is done with the advice of the faculty in Chemical Engineering. Students can select from 48 units of courses from the College of Engineering in their first semester designed to provide them with a base on which to make informed course decisions, and focus on creating an engineering-focused degree.


MS additional requirements

In addition to the core curriculum, MS students must also complete an independent project that exposes them to a number of research topics in chemical engineering. In particular, the project is designed to provide students with:

  • Specialization in an area of modern chemical engineering
  • Completion of an independent project with technical depth
  • Exposure to research

Students begin work on their independent project in their second semester, in parallel with their coursework, and continue full-time for the next two semesters.