Our Chemical Engineering graduate programs take advantage of the cutting-edge research and technology at Carnegie Mellon through project work and graduate-level courses. Our world-class curricula provide students with skills and technical depth relevant for a variety of careers.

Graduates of our master's programs excel at numerical methods for solving engineering problems, computational fluid mechanics and transport, process simulation, and optimization.

Our Ph.D. students become independent researchers equipped to apply chemical engineering principles and advanced analytical and experimental techniques to solve open-ended problems.

Kanika Suri

"I had the opportunity to work at the forefront of chemical and bioengineering research in Kathryn Whitehead's lab, which provided the perfect platform to launch my career in drug delivery research and development. Moreover, the exceptional career development team at CMU prepared me for the real world, covering everything from crafting a compelling resume, to delivering the perfect elevator pitch, to networking."

Kanika Suri, MS, fall 2015

Application deadlines

Fall term:

Ph.D. - December 15
Master's - January 31

Spring term:

Ph.D. and Master's - September 1

Nicholas Lamson outside in the snow holding a neon green sled

"The culture of collegiality sets the program apart. CMU ChemE fosters a supportive, enterprising, and lively atmosphere between faculty, postdoc researchers, grad students, undergrads, and staff. Likewise, the community brings together researchers from a variety of sub-fields to enable a cross-flow of ideas. The people from whom I could solicit training on cutting-edge research techniques, or to whom I could give advice on intricate biomodelling systems, were the same people with whom I went to dinner or sledding on a Friday afternoon."

Nicholas Lamson, Ph.D., spring 2019

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