Julie Tilton has two primary responsibilities in the department: procuring technical supplies, equipment, and services, and managing departmental space, facilities, and the capital equipment inventory. She advises faculty and staff on all policies and procedures for the procurement of goods and services using university, government, and sponsored funding. She also coordinates all facility repairs, space assignments, renovation projects, and building operational functions, and serves on the departmental facilities and infrastructure committee.

Contact Julie Tilton for:

  • Technical purchases (e.g. equipment, chemicals, compressed gases, some software)
  • Equipment service agreements and repairs
  • Building maintenance/repairs and cleaning requests
  • Space assignments
  • Furniture purchases, office and equipment moves, office cleanouts
  • COVID-19 operational and supply needs
  • Departmental space access (ID card door access and keys)
  • Emergency procedures
  • Renovations
  • Shipping equipment off-site; import and export of goods
  • Insurance and liability questions
1208 Doherty Hall