Since its inception in 1905, the Carnegie Mellon Department of Chemical Engineering has been on the leading edge of research and innovation in chemical engineering. Today, this is more true than ever. With research thrusts across fields such as health and medicine, biofuels, air quality and more, CMU ChemEs are paving the way to a healthier, cleaner, more efficient future for all.

The department works hard to foster an extremely collegial, highly collaborative research environment. Many faculty collaborate with colleagues both in and out of the department, as well as groups outside the university. Students are often co-advised by two faculty members, and laboratories and equipment are shared freely.

The department’s research labs and computing facilities are housed in Doherty Hall. These facilities feature state-of-the-art equipment for experimentation in many fields and high performance computing. The department adopted an open plan for its laboratories, which reflects the department’s commitment to collaborative as well as individual excellence.

Apply to the Ph.D. program

Directing their own comprehensive research project, Ph.D. students are equipped to apply chemical engineering principles and advanced analytical and experimental techniques to solve open-ended research problems. Learn more and apply!

Undergraduate research

Many ChemE students take advantage of undergraduate research opportunities that emphasize the discovery of new knowledge and the creation of new methods.

Academic Integrity

The Department of Chemical Engineering is committed to the highest standard of integrity in education and research. The Department adheres to the Carnegie Mellon University Policy on Cheating and Plagiarism as described in Academic Integrity. Students should familiarize themselves with the definitions and principles embodied in these documents.