scotty goes green flyer - scotty dogs with name of program in middle
The Scotty Goes Green program engages Carnegie Mellon faculty and staff in a voluntary, self-guided initiative that promotes a high standard for environmental practices at Carnegie Mellon. The program supports and promotes offices that are taking steps toward reducing their environmental footprint. A series of checklists and tools will guide you through three levels of certification. The program operates through a network of Green Workplace representatives in workplaces across campus.


Department representatives:

Trish Hredzak-Showalter

Abigail Stewart


  • Engage students, faculty, and staff in activities that will help to make CMU a leader in campus sustainability
  • Recognize and reward leadership in sustainability
  • Educate participants about how and why to take action
  • Support the Pittsburgh Climate Action plan
  • Further integrate sustainability into campus culture
  • Conserve water, save energy, minimize waste, and save money
  • Promote campus policies that support sustainability

You can help the Department of Chemical Engineering earn its bronze certification by following the sustainable practices listed here.

You can make an individual commitment by downloading Scotties Leave Small Footprints, choosing your actions, writing one on the front page and sending a photo of yourself to and get added to the CMU Flickr Scotties Leave Small Footprints.

Have questions about the program or want to get more involved? Please reach out to one of CMU ChemE's representatives Trish Hredzak-Showalter or Abigail Stewart.