As part of the College of Engineering's collaborative environment, the ChemE department offers a number of opportunities for students to engage with other departments during their time here, including the option for additional majors and minors.

Additional majors

  • Biomedical Engineering (BME): With the additional major in biomedical engineering, chemical engineering students will gain the knowledge and tools to help transform healthcare worldwide through interdisciplinary engineering innovation.
  • Engineering Design, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (EDIE): The Engineering Design, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship additional major will provide chemical engineering students with expertise in technology and with the ability to design, develop, and deliver economically viable solutions to real-world challenges.
  • Engineering and Public Policy (EPP): Coupled with a chemical engineering degree, students can also complete an additional major with Engineering and Public Policy, developing skills to help solve problems at the interface of science, technology, and society. Students choosing to double major should work with an advisor from each department to discuss specific courses and ensure they remain on track.


  • Computer Science: A minor in computer science enables our students to implement solutions to problems in areas like artificial intelligence, graphics and sound, software engineering, and human-computer interaction and more. Students may double-count a maximum of 3 courses for the CS minor toward their ChemE major. Meet with the Program Coordinator in the CS Undergraduate Office to determine double-counting restrictions specific to your situation.
  • Colloids, Polymers, and Surfaces (CPS): Our CPS minor prepares students to work with complex fluids, macromolecules, and interfaces vital for chemical product manufacturing and process development. Speak with your undergraduate advisor for more information.
  • Other College of Engineering minors